Creative Director/Recording Artist


Donita Sparks is a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, writer and creative director. She is the co-founder (along with Suzi Gardner) of the legendary American grunge punk band, L7. Her work has been featured in films such as Natural Born Killers, Serial Mom, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Brokeback Mountain, Grand Theft  AutoRock Band 2 and more.

Sparks Co-Directed both Andres for L7’sHungry for Stink and Infancy of a Disaster  for her solo projectDonita Sparks and the Stellar Moments. 

While with L7 Sparks formed Rock for Choice with the Feminist Majority Foundation in 1991, staging numerous benefit concerts featuring some of the biggest bands in the world in support of the pro-choice movement.

In 2015, L7 embarked on a hugely successful worldwide reunion tour, while also committing to a creative consultant role on the full-length feature documentary,  L7: Pretend We’re Dead; the story of L7, featuring interviews with Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, Butch Big, Krist Novoselic and other significant luminaries of rock and roll.

In 2012, Sparks was Co-Creator and Executive Producer for  Ambassadors of Rock, for  F– USE network. Prior to this, from 2006-2008 Sparks wrote a weekly national music column called The Spin I’m In  for the popular progressive website,Fire Dog Lake.

In her spare time, Donita is also the drummer for the performance art/tribute band, Lou Man Group, where she performs in blue face the music of Lou Reed.