Motion Graphics/Editor


An accomplished motion graphics editor visual artist, Brandon Andras began editing at the age of twelve. 17 years later his passion continues strong. He currently is the in-house motion graphics artist for Insomniac Productions where he has been since 2014. In addition, Brandon creates visuals for Noisehouse, the popular DJ radio network for artists including Oliver Helden, Avicii, Tommy Trash, Florian, Picasso, and others. He has also edited and done motion graphics for Fortune 500 companies including Epson and Toyota and created motion graphics for independent feature films including 2017’s L7:Pretened We’re Dead, the story of the influential all female grunge rockers, L7. Earlier in his career, Brandon spent all of 2013 working on DJ Carnage’s team producing and editing content for this Internationally known DJ and festival favorite. Upon graduation in Arizona where he studied editing and post production, Brandon went to work in television in San Diego where he was Senior Video Editor and Motion Graphics for 4 years on a local television show. Brandon is well versed in 2d and 3d animation, editing and motion graphics and enjoys making and producing music as well.